Who We Are :: Dynaquest Energy Limited
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DYNAQUEST ENERGY LIMITED is a company registered under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission and in compliance with the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number-RC 875753 to provide timely and quality service in the industries

Our Team of highly Motivated and experience professionals have been providing integrity, critical and quality services to a wide range of clients across most sectors of the industry for over Ten(10) years now. As an independent service provider, we are committed to working with our clients and using the best available solutions to improve service delivery quality and integrity in a cost effective way.

Dynaquest Energy Limited is a leading Equipment and machinery sales distributor in Nigeria having an affiliate with most of the world best quality equipment manufacturers. We are currently the largest equipment distributor and representative in Nigeria - ranging from Olympus Industrial System UK (a leading manufacturer of assortments of NDT, RVI and other inspection equipment technology), and Balteau NDT Belgium (The world first and largest X-Ray Generator/Crawler and other Radiographic accessories manufacturer).

We are continually researching new markets and expanding its worldwide network through a combination of our company cum associated partners. Almost all the service we provide is on critical components - demanding very high precision and quality standard. This requires that we achieve and maintain compliance with stringent client requirement. Our range of services includes sales and marketing of the latest and innovative equipment - applicable to the oil and Gas, Aviation, Automobile, Agriculture, Mining, security and other industries. We also offer calibration, training and consultancy services. Our expertise as seasoned and leading professional in these fields has allowed us to attract numerous key companies. We are highly respected for being a major key player in the industry.

We believe that the approach of analytical methodology or at least the information it generate, if used appropriately, will serve as a good tool for asset management that will assist in mitigating risk and reducing cost. We also believe in working with (not for) our clients and that sufficient solutions exist to fix rather than just highlighting problems. Dynaquest Energy Limited operates a strict quality management system, by means of effective trainings, toward ensuring that our Personnel gets the appropriate experience, skills and knowledge to perform work for our clients by following the right procedures, techniques and using the proper equipment.

Our Partners