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DYNAQUEST ENERGY LIMITED is an AUTHORIZED Distributor for BALTEAU NDT S.A. in Nigeria. BALTEAU NDT S.A. is the world first supplier of portable X-Ray generators and a leader of x-ray generator manufacturer of the world market today .

More than 14.000 units are used world-wide. With a range of high power or light weight constant potential X-Ray generators. BALTEAU NDT S.A. became a specialist in manual and automatic systems for radiography and radioscopy (RTR). Many different industrial inspection systems have been installed and are now used in a variety of fields: automobile, aeronautic, cables manufacturer, casting work, gaz bottles manufacturer, pipes manufacturer, shell dismantling Balteau NDT has developed a new range of accessories dedicated to Safety, Measurement and Quality Improvement. Balteau NDT believe that simplifying and making the work of the operator safer is a top priority.

When it comes to Safety, the Balteau NDT Audible & Visible Radiation Alert "AVARA" is the one tool to be used, it is in Two versions of the AVARA are available: The portable version (AVARA/P) and The version for shielded cabinet (AVARA/C) The AVARA/P is a handy and sturdy unit allowing a close monitoring of the working area and therefore guarantees a maximum safety. This stand-alone unit is able to work continuously for more than 20h on a single load of battery. The very sensitive GM detector senses dose rate as low as 2μSv/h. The sensor is auto checked to make sure that the unit can safely be operated. When radiations are detected, flashes and loud beeper warn people around that the area is at risk. A warning flash repeater can also be connected to the main unit. Data can be retrieved using the RS232C connection.

The AVARA/C uses the same principle of the AVARA/P except that is placed into a shielded cabinet and connected to the door. The AVARA/C meets the security principle asking for diversity and redundancy. This unit can be adapted to every type of shielded cabinets and also to any already existing alert systems (light tower, external buzzer,..). In this case there is no need for a battery, since the unit is connected to the mains. Balteau NDT equipment are UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE

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