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I just want to use this means to express a greatthanks to Dynaquest Energy Limited and Meena International Nigeria for whatthey have impacted in me during the last PCN UT training.

I have attended variousprofessional training but this was so perfect that non can compare with it. Aconducive environment for learning, you will be force to know what you camethere for. I am happy I was part of this training. Nobody will understand until youvisit Dynaquest. However, if am asked to assess Dynaquest performance , I will give them 99.9% .CHEERS! - FESTUS ENAHORO

I will like to thank Dynaquest Energy Limited for the PCN (UT-Level II) training and examination conducted in PH in the Month of Oct 2013. I really benefited a lot from the training especially in the area of identifying defect with respect to echo pattern and proper sizing of defect. After the training organized by Dynaquest Energy Limited, sizing of defect and identifyingof defect with respect to echo pattern is now part of me. I want to advice all the NDT guys with ASNT certificate to register with Dynaquest Energy Limited for the PCN training and certification and they will see total change in their inspection line. I want Dynaquest Energy Limited to continue the training and certification for the betterment of our nation and the improvement of our locals. Thanks to Dynaquest Energy Limited for the good Job. - CHARLES BASSEY
The PCN Training (UT) was a success, and I benefited a lot, I was exposed to certain important areas in Mechanical Engineering, metallurgy ,practical, and field activities e.t.c. It was educating, interactive, intense, and precise - our instructors where on point. The hospitality was good - lecture hall, equipments, test specimen all were very good and available, I commend the efforts of Dynaquest Energy Limited/ Meena international for this Innovation, and encourage them to do more of such trainings. I look forward to do further trainings with Dynaquest Energy Limited/Meena International because they are the right place for complete learning and opportunities. Best wishes. - KALIO FINEEMAN
I was part of the just concluded PCN UT Level IITraining program organised by Dynaquest Energy Limited in conjuction with Meena International.The training was Educative, interactive, and challenging. I acquired great level of exposure in weld scanning, defect characterization and evaluation in deferent weld geometry and thickness.I am very confident that I will be able to work and defend Job at any level of my career as a UT Technician.Many thanks to Dynaquest Energy Limited and Meena International for this wonderful opportunity - and will encourage my other professional colleagues who may be interested to take the full advantage of this training in further developing their professional quality.I look forward to be part of the next RFI Training program. Thanks. - Raymond Sunday
Thanks to Dynaquest Energy Limited and Meena international for making me the Best and on top in my NDT career at the just concluded PCN Training and certification Examination. The practical training was superb; the theory was concise and understood by all the students. I cleared all my doubts and now have the best knowledge ever in Ultrasonic Testing Inspection. I will advise anyone seeking a career in NDT and those in the field of NDT to makegreat use of this rare opportunity to enrol in the PCN training organized by Dynaquest Energy limited in collaboration with Meena international. See you at the Top. -
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