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The training was smoothly conducted and concluded. It was professional, and inspiring. I learnt a lot of new things as the old ones that I know were rehearsed. With this training, I can stand tall to defend PCN and my RI certificate anywhere in the world of oil and gas industry, just to mention but a few. I saw the clear difference between PCN, RI and other similar certification programs. Then conduct of the exam was indeed something to remember. I shall like to do more PCN certifications and business with Dynaquest Energy limited in conjunction with Meena International, India - Amos Njoku
Dynaquest Energy limited and Meena International demonstrated a very good display of international standard during this training. It is no doubt that Dynaquest has set a pace for training and certification examinations in Nigeria. The class was very condusive and the training materials are very elaborate. I strongly recommend Dynaquest energy for all training in Nigeria. - Ayeni Abdulahman Tunde
I attended PCN RI training at Dynaquest/Meena international between 8th Oct - 13th Oct 2014. The training program was very detailed and enlightening. Trainers and organizers were very responsive to questions from candidates. I would recommend Dynaquest for future candidates who intend to take PCN training and exams - Afolabii Saheed
Passing through PCN training and certification, my confidence in radiography interpretation has increased. I am now a better radiography interpreter, furthermore, my CV has been boosted. Thanks to Dynaquest Energy limited - David Mbah
The training was intense and there was availability of equipment and specimens. - Olayiwola Seriki
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